Flying Firefly Pendant Replacement

Pend, FLY FF

Flying Firefly Pendant Replacement

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Replacement Pendant for our ‘Flying Fireflies’. Operation of the Replacement Pendant requires the Power Supply and the Power Bus from our model, ‘Flying Fireflies’.

Configured as an Indoor moving firefly presentation, the small fan provides mechanical motion that allows the ‘Firefly’ LED to move and mimic a ‘Flying Firefly’

 Outdoor use is at your own risk, as the fan is NOT Water-Resistant!


  • 1 ‘Flying Firefly’ LED - Available in LED Color: FIREFLY GREEN
  • The 'Flying Firefly' is on a length of 42-inch black wire
  • Rugged and UV-Resistant black wire
  • Small black fan provides mechanical movement.
  • ‘Flying Firefly’ has plug-in connection for existing Power Bus
  • ‘Flying Fireflies’ with Power Supply and Power Bus is Sold Separately

Flying Firefly Drawing

Instruction Manual