Solar Powered Panel Replacement
Solar Powered Panel Replacement
Solar Powered Panel Replacement


Solar Powered Panel Replacement

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Newly Redesigned replacement Solar Panel for "plug-in" versions (S1 Models) Solar Powered Firefly Magic LED string light products.  


  • Photo Detect and 3 Way Water Resistant Switch: Auto/On/Off - No more having to turn the product off when not in use. Once the batteries are installed, select either On/Auto/Off. “On” means always on.  “Off” means always off.  “Auto” function means when no solar energy is sensed (sun is not present), the unit will turn on.
  • Uses 2 “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries (included) - that recharge during daylight hours from solar energy. Great for those areas where AC power is not available, but sunlight is.
  • Water Resistant Solar Panel
  • Operates 4 days with fully charged batteries
  • Firefly LED Cluster is Sold Separately

Optional to install 2 “AA” Alkaline batteries in place of the rechargeable batteries and the 'Fireflies' will operate, indoors or out, at parties or at functions away from home. Note: when using Alkaline batteries and outside, please cover the solar panel with black tape to avoid the unit charging the Alkaline batteries.