Flying Fireflies
Flying Fireflies
Flying Fireflies


Flying Fireflies

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Firefly Magic Flying Firefly Lights. Moving LED Fairy Lights Create Magic All Year. Patented to Naturally Mimic Real Fireflies. 4 Lightning Bug Green LED Flying Firefly Lights. Indoor Decor

Configured as an Indoor moving firefly presentation, small fans provide mechanical motion that allows the ‘Firefly’ LEDs to move and mimic a ‘Flying Firefly’.  The Power Bus is installed over the viewing area and 4 hanging ‘Flying Firefly’ units are connected at 5-foot increments.

These Firefly Magic ‘Fireflies’ are used indoors by homeowners, event, and lighting specialists, as well as amusement parks, zoos, film, and theatrical attractions to accurately recreate the lifelike flash, flicker, and fade of Mother Nature's real-life fireflies.

A patented method is used to control the LEDs independently to give the very realistic appearance of firefly movement.  This realistic and exciting firefly effect can be added to any Haunted House attraction or provide dynamic accent lighting for Weddings, Parties, Banquets, or for everyday Home decor.

Bring back those fun and delightful memories of chasing lightning bugs in your childhood with these easy to install, moving string lights. The only thing more real is an actual Firefly!


  • 4 ‘Flying Firefly’ LEDs - Available in LED Color: FIREFLY GREEN
  • Each 'Flying Firefly' is on a length of 42 inch black wire
  • Rugged and UV-Resistant black wire
  • Small black fan provides mechanical movement
  • Cluster (black control module box) to control the flashing and flickering of the LEDs
  • A 35-foot UV-Resistant black Power Bus with eyelets for easy install
  • ‘Flying Firefly’ has plug-in connection to Power Bus
  • Powered with 6V wall adapter (included, black color)

Outdoor use is at your own risk, as the fan is NOT Water-Resistant!

    Flying Firefly Drawing

    Instruction Manual

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