Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s
Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s


Solar Powered Fireflies – 16 LED’s

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ANNOUNCING:  FMS-16S1CG Solar Powered Fireflies!

Our NEWLY ENHANCED and REDESIGNED FIREFLY MAGIC ‘FIREFLIES’!  Featuring 16 Firefly Solar rechargeable battery powered ‘Firefly’ LEDs with an improved watching experience and enhanced flash sequence.

Firefly Magic ‘Fireflies’ are used indoors and outdoors by homeowners, event, and lighting specialists, as well as amusement parks, zoos, film, and theatrical attractions to accurately recreate the lifelike flash, flicker, and fade of Mother Nature's real-life fireflies.

A patented method is used to control the LEDs independently to give the very realistic appearance of firefly activity.  The Water-Resistant Solar Panel turns ON automatically at dusk and OFF at dawn (with the switch being in the Auto Position).  The solar rechargeable batteries soak up the sun’s rays getting them ready for another enchanted night of Firefly Magic.

Bring back those fun and delightful memories of chasing lightning bugs in your childhood with these easy to install, energy efficient, solar powered string lights. The only thing more real is an actual Firefly!


  • 16 ‘Firefly’ LEDs - Available in LED Color: FIREFLY GREEN
  • Each on a rugged and UV-Resistant black wire
  • Long ‘Firefly’ lead wires, 1 ft to 8 ft 
  • Operates 4 days with fully charged batteries
  • Water Resistant solar panel
  • Uses 2 “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries (included) - that recharge during daylight hours from solar energy.  Great for those areas where AC power is not available, but sunlight is.
  • NEWLY REDESIGNED: 3 Way Water Resistant Switch: Auto/On/Off - No more having to turn the product off when not in use.  Once the batteries are installed, select either On/Auto/Off.  “On” means always on.  “Off” means always off.  “Auto” function means when no solar energy is sensed (sun is not present), the unit will turn on. 
  • Firefly cluster plug-in connection

Optional to install 2 “AA” Alkaline batteries in place of the rechargeable batteries and the 'Fireflies' will operate, indoors or out, at parties or at functions away from home. Note: when using Alkaline batteries and outside, please cover the solar panel with black tape to avoid the unit charging the Alkaline batteries. 

    Instruction Manual

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews

      I think this is my 5th set of lights. They looks very authentic. I grew up around fireflies and these lights bring back all that nostalgia. Great product.

      We greatly appreciate your patronage and love of our Firefly Lights, thank you! Overjoyed to create those special memories for you. Here’s to your continued magic! Kind wishes, Team Firefly Magic

      Ren Ram
      Fabulous design

      Looks like fireflies and not Christmas lights. Well designed and elegant. Highly recommend.

      Hi Ren,

      We are incredibly happy to hear you are thrilled with the life-like glow of your Firefly Lights!

      Thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic review and recommending our fireflies; it means a lot to us. It lets us know we are making customers happy and doing something right!

      Enjoy the MaGiC you create with your FiReFlieS!

      All the very best, Team Firefly Magic

      Dennis Gereaux

      I’ve been buying these amazing realistic firefly lights for more than 25 years. I now live in Colorado where there are no natural fireflies, but as someone that grew up in the Midwest I couldn’t believe how realistic they were. I have several light strings in my backyard and when people come over they think that they’re real!

      Hi Dennis, We sincerely value your support and patronage over the years! Thank you for your kind words regarding our innovative technology that mimics the natural glow of fireflies. Here’s to your very own fireflies bringing you continued hope and magic in the years to come!

      P.S. We haven’t had the opportunity to see this in person, but in 2023, there were natural fireflies in Ft. Collins and in Boulder, Colorado... can you believe it?!

      For more information, check out the below links from The Butterfly Pavilion (located right here in Colorado):

      Happy Summer! Best Wishes, Team Firefly Magic

      Joan Hatton
      Childhood memories

      Look just like the fireflies you collected in glass jars as kids, lighting and fading slowly.

      Hi Joan,

      We could not have said it any better! Thanks a bunch for sprinkling your treasured tales with us!
      Here’s to that continued awe-inspiring joy and MAGIC of your very own Fireflies!

      Warmly, Team Firefly Magic

      Wonderful gift!

      Worked perfectly right out of the box. Completely magic!

      Hi Valerie,
      Your satisfaction is our top priority and knowing that we met your expectations made our day! Thank you for your recent gift order as well as taking the time to share your thoughts. Here's to the firefly gift adding sparks of glowing magic for years to come!

      Best Wishes,
      Team Firefly Magic