Solar Powered Fireflies Cluster Replacement 7 LED&
Solar Powered Fireflies Cluster Replacement 7 LED&


Solar Powered Fireflies Cluster Replacement 7 LED's - Blue

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Replacement Cluster for the Classic FIREFLY MAGIC ‘FIREFLIES’ provide a subtle and elegant lighting effect that enhances the outdoor living environment.  Showcasing 7 Solar rechargeable battery powered ‘Firefly’ LEDs.

Firefly Magic ‘Fireflies’ are used indoors and outdoors by homeowners, event, and lighting specialists, as well as amusement parks, zoos, film, and theatrical attractions to accurately recreate the lifelike flash, flicker, and fade of Mother Nature's real-life fireflies.

A patented method is used to control the LEDs independently to give the very realistic appearance of firefly activity.

Bring back those fun and delightful memories of chasing lightning bugs in your childhood with these easy to install, energy efficient, solar powered string lights. The only thing more real is an actual Firefly!


  • 7 ‘Firefly’ LEDs - BLUE
  • Each on a rugged and UV-Resistant black wire
  • Long ‘Firefly’ lead wires, 1 ft to 7 ft
  • Firefly cluster plug-in connection
  • Solar Panel for Power is Sold Separately


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