Trouble with Solar Powered Firefly Magic Firefly Lights?

The below troubleshooting tips will help determine if the lights work properly and are operating as expected.

A). Check the AUTO/ON/OFF Power Switch which is located on the bottom of the Solar Panel assembly (refer to the photo below):
  1. Gently switch it back and forth to get the contacts aligned; verify that the switch is not stuck somewhere in a halfway or an in-between position.
  2. Verify the power switch is in the 'ON' or 'AUTO' position.
    Firefly Magic Solar Panel Power Switch Close-Up Image
  3. During the time you would like the firefly lights to shine, verify that the power switch is either in the position of 'ON' (which means the lights will always be 'ON') or 'AUTO' (which means the lights will only be 'ON' when there is no light/sunshine present, i.e., usually the evening).
  4. Are your firefly lights working? If not, try the following steps.
 B). Check the positioning of the Rechargeable Batteries (refer to the photo below):
  1. With the batteries removed, consider gently cleaning (e.g., with a soft cloth) the battery contacts (the terminals) inside the battery compartment.
  2. To be sure the contacts are good, open the battery compartment door, then gently press the batteries into position.
  3. Verify that the batteries
    Firefly Magic Solar Panel Inside Battery Compartment
    are correctly installed with the positive terminal (+) toward the small metal square - not the spring. Also be sure that the spring is pressed straight against the Negative (refer to the photo).
  4. While leaving the batteries in place, gently spin each battery a couple of times to be sure that the battery ends are making good connection with the terminals inside the battery compartment.
  5. Turn the solar panel unit 'ON', does it work? If yes, and if using rechargeable batteries, make sure to place it in a location where it receives direct sunlight for at least 1 full day. But first turn the AUTO/ON/OFF switch to the 'OFF' position, which allows ALL the electricity from the solar panel to go into the rechargeable batteries.
  6. Are your firefly lights working? If not, try the following additional steps.
 C). Solar Panel Performance:
  1. Firefly Magic Solar Panel Showing Direct Sunlight to Charge Solar Panel
    Without direct sunlight to the solar panel for at least 2-3 hours, the batteries will not become fully charged.
  2. For ideal performance, the product works best with freshly charged batteries. Please fully charge the batteries as noted above (see Step B.5).
  3. Are your firefly lights working? If not, try the following additional steps.
 D). Please make sure the connection from each Firefly Cluster, i.e., the plug / the DC jack for the LED lights, is tightly plugged into the back of the solar panel (refer to the photo below):
  1. Firefly Magic Firefly Clusters Plug into Back of Solar Panel
    You may need to take out each plug, then plug each one back in.
  2. Try to swap the left side firefly cluster to the right side and vice versa.
  3. Are your firefly lights working? If not, try the following additional steps.
 E). Check the power wires for damage or cuts (refer to the photo below):
  1. Example of a Damaged / Cut Power Wire for Firefly Magic Firefly Lights
    Visually inspect both power wires, the long black wires which are connected to the DC Jacks, which are then plugged into the bottom of solar panel. Look for any cuts, nicks, or damaged wires (refer to the photo example, inside red square).
  2. If any damage is found, please see our LED / DC Jack Repair Guide.
  3. Are your firefly lights working? If not, try the following steps.
 F). Test the unit with 2-AA Alkaline Batteries:
  1. Remove the rechargeable batteries (shipped with the unit) and replace them with 2 brand new AA Alkaline Batteries.
  2. Turn the switch on the solar panel to the 'ON' position. You should notice within a few seconds that all lights will illuminate, flicker & fade (this is the normal factory start up process and how we determine that the system is working properly).
  3. NOTE: If you intend on using AA Alkaline Batteries (as opposed to rechargeable batteries) and intend on using the unit outdoors, please place black tape (e.g.: black electrical tape) over the solar panel to avoid the unit "charging" the AA Alkaline Batteries.
  4. When you use the AA Alkaline Batteries, do the lights work? If yes, please replace with the rechargeable batteries & go back to Step B, "Check the positioning of the Rechargeable Batteries" (i.e., if using rechargeable batteries, fully charge the rechargeable batteries before using).
 Firefly Magic® Solar Panel Operation, Information, and Troubleshooting

If your Firefly Magic Solar Powered Lights are still not working, or if you have additional questions, please contact our team via phone 1-877-834-7335 or E-Mail Firefly Magic Support (Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM MST) for further suggestions.