Guide to Repair or Replace Firefly Magic LEDs and or DC Jacks

Here is a quick guide to locate the replacement parts (available on our website), as well as instructions, and tips for completing the repairs and replacements.

 Replacement Parts List:
  • Replacement LEDs are available for purchase on our website (in the color Firefly Green, for Models: Solar or Low Voltage), click this link: LEDs.
  • Replacement DC Jacks (for Model: S1 / the Plug in Type Solar) are available for purchase on our Website, click this link: DC Jacks.
  • Repair Instruction and Tips:
    • Please note the Replacement LEDs and DC Jacks are polarized, and you must repair them following the direction of the wiring.
      Firefly Magic Repair Wire Image
    • The wire has both a positive and a negative side. The white colored dashes represent the negative side.
    • Match the wires: positive to positive and negative with dashed lines to negative with dashed lines (refer to the 'Match the Wires' photo).
    • Make sure each side of the wires are soldered or spliced together with wire nuts or crimp style connectors to ensure a proper connection.
    • Once connected, make sure you cover both wires with a weatherproof material (i.e., electrical tape, heat shrink tubing, etc.) to protect the connections from shorting together and to provide weather proofing. Since these lights are most likely used outside, you will want to make sure that no moisture gets into the wire connection.

Please feel free to contact our team with additional questions via phone 1-877-834-7335 or E-Mail Firefly Magic Support (Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM MST).