Install Your Low Voltage Firefly Magic Firefly Lights Like a Pro (Installation Tips)

Note:  The Low Voltage model requires a 12 Volt AC/DC power source to operate, which is not included with the purchase of the Firefly Lights (review this link for more power source information). 

  • Our Low Voltage system is ideal to work with an existing low voltage landscape lighting system.
  • In an effort to calculate the power needed for your Firefly lighting conditions, use 1 Watt for every ‘cluster’ (black box with 8 LED wires) / each unit you install.
  • When connecting the transformer wiring or extending the existing power wiring, make sure to use similar type wire (i.e., 18AWG/2 wire).
  • Attach the clusters control box (small rectangular black box with all the wires attached to it, see photo) in a central location in the landscaping. Then install the varying lengths of LED wires from this central point into your landscaping to provide the best coverage in your landscaping.



  • To help minimize the wires sight profile, try to hide the LED wires by wrapping them around the branches of your landscaping (see photo).
  • Leaving a length of wire (4”-10”) hanging down from the branch to the LED, can create a moving effect with the wind that some customers find desirable.


  • During nighttime viewing, perform small tweaks to the installed LED's (i.e., move the direction an LED is pointing, etc.) to optimize your viewing experience.
  • Before trimming trees and bushes, it’s recommended to remove all Firefly Magic Lights from your landscaping. If unable to remove, please use caution to avoid cutting or destroying any of the wires installed in your landscaping.

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More About Your Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights:

  • Designed to add subtle ambiance to dimly lit spaces. They are not intended to be used for safety illumination.
  • The LED's are designed to flash slow and intermittent, just like real fireflies. As in nature, these LED fireflies will not all illuminate at the exact same time. Each LED will have a noticeable pause between flashes.
  • For the best results, install the Firefly Lights in an area with dim ambient light, with a dark contrast behind them. Firefly Magic Firefly Lights are best viewed at night.

Please feel free to contact our team with additional questions via phone 1-877-834-7335 or E-Mail Firefly Magic Support (Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM MST).