Quick Guide to the Low Voltage Firefly Lights System

Indoor Power Supply Suggestions

And How the Low Voltage Firefly Lights Work

Firefly Magic doesn’t source the 12Volt power supply.  But a quick search “12V Power Supply” on Amazon (or other retailers) should provide plenty of affordable options. 


Any 12Volt AC or DC power supply will work to power the Low Voltage Fireflies.  In determining the size of your power supply, remember each Low Voltage unit requires 1 Watt of power. 

A suggestion for is a 12V power supply with a female connection like the one pictured to the left here (this power supply is for indoor use only)


Each Cluster/Unit is configured as the below picture illustrates.

 Then up to 10 clusters can be hooked up in series similar to the below picture.

The system offers the ability to connect as many units together based on the size of the power supply, but only 10 in series together as the below picture illustrates.

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Please feel free to contact our team with additional questions via phone 1-877-834-7335 or E-Mail Firefly Magic Support (Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM MST).