Quick Start Guide for the Solar Powered Firefly Magic Firefly Lights System

 Step 1: Step 2:
Plug in the Firefly Clusters to the bottom of the Solar Panel (refer to the photo below). Slide the Solar Panel (power) switch to the "AUTO" position (refer to the photo below).
Firefly Magic Firefly Clusters Plug into Back of Solar Panel
Firefly Magic Solar Panel Power Switch Close Up View
 Step 3: Step 4:
For best performance, choose a location where the solar panel receives 2-3 hours of direct sunlight during the day. Spread the Firefly wires into the landscape and attach the Fireflies to foliage (refer to the suggestion photo below).
Direct Sunlight to Firefly Magic Solar Panel Install Suggestion for Firefly Magic Fireflies onto Foliage
Pro Tips:
  • Before installing this system into your landscaping, charge the Solar Panel with the slider (power) switch in the "ON" position in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours.
  • Then, plug the Firefly clusters into the back of the Solar Panel and familiarize yourself with the product operation and flash rate.
  • For optimal battery performance, place the Solar Panel slider (power) switch in the "AUTO" position.

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