Tips for Firefly Magic Solar Models

About Your Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights

  • Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are designed to add subtle ambiance to dimly lit spaces. They are not intended to be used for safety illumination. 
  • The flash rate of Firefly Magic Firefly lights is designed to be slow and intermittent, just like real fireflies. As in nature, the LED fireflies will not all illuminate at the exact same time. Each LED will have a noticeable pause between flashes.
  • For the best results, install Firefly Magic® in an area with dim ambient light, with a dark contrast behind them. Firefly Magic® lights are best viewed at night.
  • Firefly Magic® Lights are not made to be submerged in water. Components are not waterproof.

Getting Started

  • Please refer to and follow the detailed instructions that were included with your unit.
  • Or, for full product manual, please visit: Solar 16 LEDs

Initial Testing, Power-Up Process, and ON/OFF Cycle

  1. Before removing Firefly Magic® from the packaging, test the unit to become familiar with how the lights operate.
  2. Locate the power switch and move it to the ‘ON’ position. When you first turn the unit ‘ON’, all the lights with flash once sequentially. This pattern indicates that the unit is working correctly. 
  3. Within one (1) minute, the LEDs will start flashing randomly. Each LED will light up, flicker and fade like a real firefly. This is the normal factory start-up process and confirms that the system is working properly.
  4. After the first minute, your Firefly Magic lights will begin to display a patented algorithm of 999 flash, flicker, and fade sequences. 
  5. Turn the power switch ‘OFF’ and remove the unit from its packaging. Follow the included Set Up and Installation instructions.

If Your Lights Are Not Working Properly…

  1. Verify the switch is fully in the ON (or AUTO) position. Toggle the switch back and forth to verify that it is not stuck somewhere in between settings.
  2. Open the battery compartment door and confirm that the batteries are firmly in the correct position with the positive terminal (+) toward the small metal square and the negative terminal (-) touching the spring. Spin each battery to ensure good contact.
  3. Make sure each Firefly Cluster plug is tightly connected to the solar panel. You may need to take each plug out then plug each back in.
  4. If your lights are still not working properly, remove the rechargeable batteries which shipped the unit and replace with two, brand new AA alkaline batteries. Repeat the power-up sequence described above.