Weddings & Parties

Weddings & Parties

Perhaps the most fun and enjoyment of having Firefly Magic® 'Fireflies' is to watch the expressions on the faces of friends, family, and visitors when they see these amazing electronic 'Fireflies' at your party or get-together.

This can be particularly true if you live west of the Rocky Mountains, where there are no real fireflies.

At first, people can't believe their eyes. Fireflies are romantic and nostalgic. That's why so many brides want to include Fireflies in their wedding ceremony or reception.

So if you want 'Fireflies' at your wedding, now you can have them. And even better, after the wedding you can set them up in your own backyard, bringing back those wonderful memories of your wedding day.

Some couples, after the ceremony or reception, give the Firefly Magic® 'Fireflies' to members of the wedding party as a thank you for making it a very special day.

Having Firefly Magic® 'Fireflies' in a wedding is quick and easy because they work on both; solar rechargeable batteries or standard AA Alkaline batteries.

This means Firefly Magic 'Fireflies' can be quickly and easily setup at any location, indoors or out in just a few minutes. This includes hotels, wedding parlors, churches, outdoor parks, virtually anywhere you have your wedding, and Fireflies can be there too.

We look forward to sharing Firefly Magic with you at your event!  Contact our team by email:  or phone, 1-877-834-7335 (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm MST, Denver, Colorado).