Stand Out with LED ‘Fireflies’

...Or do you know them as their stage name ‘Lightning Bugs’?!...

Interested in Creating a Unique Magical Touch and Memorable Experience?

At first, people can't believe their eyes... Watch the expressions on the faces of friends, family, and visitors when they see these amazing electronic Firefly Magic® 'Fireflies' in your space - especially in locations where there are no real fireflies.


Fireflies are Romantic and Nostalgic, endless Magic for your Special Day. Magical results with LED ‘Fireflies’ in Centerpieces, Candle Holders, Mason Jars, Floral Arrangements, Trim Candelabras, Greenery, Garland, Beams, or even install as Overhead Decorative Café Lights.

Landscape Lighting

Add the Magic of LED 'Fireflies' to enhance your World, your Space, your Backyard, your Scenery and Landscape Environment.  Your very own ‘Fireflies’ in Trees, Bushes, Decks, Patios, Border your Space with Magic.

Porch / Backyard Oasis

Add a Magical ambience your evening experience with LED ‘Fireflies’ in your Garden, Pergolas, Gazebos, Fencing, Lattice Work, Benches, and Porch Swings.

Personal Service Facilities

For their Calming, Zen-like effect, and Therapeutic Qualities, LED ‘Fireflies’ are used in Massage and Resort Spas, Hospital Rooms, and Assisted Living Communities.

Makers / Artisans

Bring back those fun and delightful memories of chasing Lightning Bugs.  Magical ‘Fireflies’ flickering away inside your favorite Mason Jars, Hung from the Ceiling, as a Trim for Shelving or Borders, and Relaxation / ASMR for young and old alike.

Custom Project / Custom Installations

Were you drawn to the ‘Fireflies’ at the Delano Hotel in Las Vegas?  Or The Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Ride?  Those creative imaginations featured the Magic of Firefly Magic 'Fireflies'.


Firefly Magic 'Fireflies' remain true to nature with their authentic looking Firefly LED's that randomly flash, flicker, and fade just like real fireflies.
Endless Opportunities… Indoor Use, Outdoor Use, Temporary or Permanent, Year-Round Wonder in most All-Weather Environments.

Add the Magic of Fireflies to your world!

We invite you to contact our team - Email Firefly Magic, Or Call 1-877-834-7335 (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm MST, Denver, Colorado) for more information.  Shop for Magic Today!