FireFly Magic® Testimonials

"Firefly Magic firefly lights are so realistic, they even fool other fireflies!"

- Sara M. Lewis, Professor of Biology & 
Head of Firefly Research ~ 
Medford, Massachusetts

"After hooking up the Firefly Magic Firefly’s in a Hawaiian Fern in our yard, it was about a week later that I was watching the kids…looking and pointing as the magic flashed and flickered in the breezy evening.

I noticed that one of the younger girls was trying to catch one with a plastic container from one of the lower branches as it swayed, waiting for that moment of flash.

The moment came, and she caught it, she paused for a brief moment, and then came running to me as fast as she could, saying… ”Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe, come, come quick one of the firefly’s is stuck on a wire!”

 P.S. ‘’Only in a child’s eye…
do we stay young.’’

- 'Uncle Joe' ~ Hawaii

"I ordered your product a while back and it still works great after more than a year, even in the extreme heat and moisture of the harsh, Florida climate. I LOVE your product. It adds so much charm, mystery and atmosphere to our yard. We plan on ordering more soon.

We're a radio station that plays Jazz music from the 1920s and 30s, I'm certain that many of our US and international listeners would be interested in purchasing your fun product, and I'd be happy to recommend it to them as a "green fairy" related product."

- Wally Stephens ~ Florida

"I received the Firefly lights yesterday. I want to thank you for your great customer service. You were awesome!!!"

- Stacey Alourdas
 ~ Woodland Hills, CA

"Wow!! I put up the lights around some vegetation by my pool and it is simply fantastic! I spent an hour just staring at them--they are exactly like the real ones!!! Man, if I had a big way to show these little things off I can't imagine anyone with any type of landscaping wouldn't buy them -- they look just like the fireflies I always see when I travel to the Amazon or Uganda, since we don't have them in California. These, with the true colors of fireflies, are even better than the ones in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!!!! I'm just thrilled!!! :-)"

- Jim Trimingham ~ Sacramento, CA

"I bought a set of (Firefly Magic) firefly lights and installed them for last night's patio party. They were a total hit. They fooled several guests who grew up in the mid-west, and honestly thought I had imported real fireflies into my garden. I only wish I had ordered 4 or 5 more sets because I could have sold them all in a heartbeat. Thanks for selling such a unique and fun product."

- Bob Sordahl ~ Kenmore, WA

"I border a bog area so I mounted the (Firefly Magic) solar 'lamp' on a tall pole, so it would receive sunlight as the cattails grow. I then strung the (Firefly) lights and clipped them to the growing cattails so they could keep moving up and not be blocked by new growth. Well, last night, I had a very pleasant surprise. As I sat on the deck, watching the lights in the bog, I was amazed by the numbers.

As it turned out, the (Firefly Magic) Firefly lights had attracted many real fireflies. It was the most amazing sight. We have always had fireflies, but never in these numbers. Each night I plant myself on the deck to watch the dance that goes on. I am so amazed that the lights have attracted so many real fireflies.

Just wanted to pass this on. Thanks for making such an innovative and quality product."

- Marge Anderson ~ Grey Eagle, MN

"Thanks again for offering such an awesome product!!! You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get on them (Firefly Magic Firefly Lights)."

- Alissa Thompson ~ Filmore, CA

"Thanks for the rapid reply. Your product is great and I am sure that my buddy will love them. The way you guys deal with matters and people is nothing short of professional. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and will recommend your product to everyone I meet. Thanks again and keep up the good work."

- Shawn and Laura Muir ~ Chilliwack, BC, Canada

"I just installed my first set. Wow! 
My two girls tried to catch the Fireflies . . . (and) my wife and I thought it was very humorous. I have told several individuals about your product and you should see additional demand."

- Loren Shumate ~ Wilmette, Illinois

"The fireflies arrived today. It took a sweet while to get here but the wait was definitely worth it ! (These Firefly Magic Firefly Lights were shipped to The Hague, Netherlands and had to go through international customs which took a little longer than we all expected.)

I took them out of the box right away to see what it would look like in a darkened room. Absolutely astonishing !! Though there's really only twelve fireflies, it looks like there are many more . . .

And then the way they flash, flicker and fade just like the real thing, awesome!

Your fireflies really make me feel like like I'm back home in the States. You really accomplished a carbon copy of nature! Congrats and thanks a million."

- Frank Visser
 ~ The Hague, Zuid, Holland, 

"Firefly Magic Lights are indeed 100% accurate! ...or as Mary Poppins would say,'They're supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' and practically perfect in every way.

I've tried the other firefly light sets with little fans attached but those are really cumbersome. Firefly Magic Lights are so well made they surpass any others on the market. And the 3-AA battery version is absolutely brilliant and easy to use!

Thank you so much for making Firefly Magic Lights available to regular consumers. I'll definitely be back later to buy a third and fourth set. Not to mention spreading the word to all the Disneyland fans on the many online message boards!"

- Bruce Smith ~ Gresham, OR

"When my guests go into the backyard they're shocked when they see fireflies right here in the San Fernando Valley! Thanks for adding so much fun to my parties with your Firefly Lights."

- Sean Taylor ~ Chatsworth, CA


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