Frequently Asked Questions

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I opened the new box and something appears to be missing.

E-Mail Firefly Magic Support with the identification of the part(s) that's missing, the store name and location, and date you purchased the product. Be sure to include your name, address, and the phone number where you can be reached.

My 'Fireflies' stopped but they were working before.

If your 'Fireflies' have been working, and suddenly stop, the problem is likely one of the two following problems:

  1. The solar panel has not been receiving enough DIRECT SUNLIGHT to keep the batteries fully charged. To fix the problem, turn the switch to the OFF position, place the solar panel where it will receive 8 hours of DIRECT SUNLIGHT in order to get the batteries fully recharged again.
  2. The battery contacts and battery ends have become dirty or corroded due to moisture. Remove the batteries and clean both ends with a clean cloth. If you see any residue, rub it off using a pencil eraser. Also be sure to clean the metal contacts in the battery holder so they are shiny. You can use a pencil eraser for this as well.

NOTE: Always try to place the solar panel assembly where the water sprinkler is not shooting water up underneath the unit.

How long will the Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries last?

Depending on the climate they're used in, Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries will last from 1 to 2 years. When they're replaced, be sure to send them to a recycling center.

You can replace the Ni-Cd batteries with another set of Ni-Cd's, or install Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. See the Battery Information Section below.

Some of my 'Fireflies' have been cut-off or damaged.

Even if one or more ‘Fireflies’ are damaged or cut-off, the remaining ‘Fireflies’ will continue to work. Replacement ‘Firefly’ Cluster can be purchased here.

Something has been broken or damaged.

Replacement parts and accessories can be purchased here.

Additional help and support.

If you have followed all the instructions and are still having a problem, please call 1-877-834-7335 Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM MST, or E-Mail Firefly Magic Support


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