Firefliesin a Jar Kit by Magical Fireflies®

The Patented and Custom made MAGICAL FIREFLIES® in a Jar Kit can have from one (1) to thirty-six (36) electronic "Fireflies' and is operated by 2 or 3 standard AA batteries. This lighting effect is designed to create the realistic illusion of Fireflies flashing, flickering, and fading in a jar (the jar is not included).

Some prefer to use a glass canning jar, while others prefer the newer style acrylic flip lid jars. But whichever type of jar is used, the battery pack, with enclosed electronics, can be attached to the to the underside of the jar lid using Velcro® tape, or placed in other locations.

Bill Gates with a jar of Firefly Magic® 'Fireflies'
on stage at the TED conference 2/2010
Long Beach, California

The MAGICAL FIREFLIES® in a Jar Kit is used for stage productions, magic acts, movies, commercials, and custom displays, including centerpieces, or other special effects where incorporating Mother Nature's life-like randomly flashing Fireflies is desired. Each electronic 'Firefly' is attached to its own tiny 33 gauge microwire, and the lengths can be specified.

NOTE: The MAGICAL FIREFLIES® in a Jar Kit is a high quality, precision device used by national and international stage production companies to recreate the lifelike effect of 'Fireflies in a Jar' for on-stage plays and performances. We've also made custom MAGICAL FIREFLIES® in a Jar units for Magicians to use in their illusions. The unit uses *Patented high tech microprocessor technology that creates the World's most accurate recreation of Firefly flashing.

Firefly Lights:

  • 1 to 36 - 3mm - 570 nanometer dominant wavelength output replicating the Arthropoda: Insecta: Coleoptera: Lampyridae: Photinus species of firefly and their greenish-yellow flashes - the most common variety of Firefly in the United States.
  • Each Firefly's flash rate and flash interval is accurately preprogrammed into the non-volatile memory of the microprocessor unit.
  • The microprocessor and all other electronic components are sealed within the battery housing to insure years of trouble free operation.
  • The MAGICAL FIREFLIES® in a Jar Kit will operate up to 90 days on just two (2) or three (3) AA 1.5 volt Alkaline batteries.
  • The unit has an OFF-ON switch

Firefly Wires - Each electronic firefly is connected to the microprocessor using very small diameter Black33 AWG Microwires. The Microwires are delicate, so care should be taken while creating your 'Fireflies in a Jar'. Also available is black 30 gauge Kynar® (magician's wire) or green enamel 30 gauge wire.

Power Requirements:

  • 2 or 3 - AA 1.5 volt Alkaline batteries [included]
    Typical life for two AA batteries.


  • Number of 'Fireflies' can be specified
  • Wire lengths can be specified
  • Wire color and size can be specified
  • Please call Customer Support at 877-834-7335 and talk with one of our Lighting Design Engineer for details and price quote.

    * Patent Number 7212932


This is a Custom Order Product Only
Pricing Starts at $175.00 per unit
Typical Delivery is 10 - 15 business days*
* Expediting available at additional charge

Call Customer Support or Design Engineering at 877-834-7335 for details and price quote.

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