"I don't think I've ever met a person who didn't love the flickering, flashing, and glow of fireflies. Some folks have the good fortune to live in a place where they can..."

"It started a long time ago with a very knowledgeable electronics shop teacher, Don Brockaway. Transistors and printed circuit boards were pretty new in 1960, but he..."


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Trade Shows and Events with Firefly Magic™ Firefly LIghts

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AQUA SHOW 2004 - November 9-11, 2004 - Las Vegas, NV

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Firefly Magic™ Lights will be introducing their new line of Solar Powered Firefly Magic™ Electronic Firefly Lights at the 2004 AQUA Show in Las Vegas on November 9-11, 2004.

Firefly Magic™ inventor and company President, Stephen Taylor explained why his company will be a participant in this year's Aqua Show:

"We see the AQUA SHOW 2004 as an excellent opportunity to introduce our new line of solar powered electronic firefly lights to leaders in the nation's spa and pool industry. Both retailers and contractors are seeking a new array of elegant leisure products to offer their pool and spa customers, including specialty lighting. We believe our Firefly Magic™ lights, with their patented technology, are exactly what highly motivated retailers are looking for"

Firefly Magic Lights are truly a new, unique, and creative product that people fall in love with. After all, who doesn't love to sit and watch fireflies flicker, flash and glow on a warm summer evening? Now people can enjoy this year round, anywhere in the Country, including areas where Mother Nature's fireflies don't reside."

Firefly Magic™ will be in Booth #151 which is located inside the Genesis 3 Design Studio. This special area aims at sharing new ideas and products with Builders, Designers, and Landscapers associated with the pool and spa industry.

Strategically timed in early November, the AQUA Show gives the pool and spa industry a fast start on the 2005 sales season. AQUA attracts the most successful and highly motivated retailers and pool builders in search of spas, pools, chemicals, equipment, and a growing array of backyard leisure products and services, including casual furniture and grills. Mandalay Bay’s state-of-the-art convention facility provides a convenient and comfortable setting to conduct business--and offers plenty of space for the growing AQUA Show.


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