"I don't think I've ever met a person who didn't love the flickering, flashing, and glow of fireflies. Some folks have the good fortune to live in a place where they can..."

"It started a long time ago with a very knowledgeable electronics shop teacher, Don Brockaway. Transistors and printed circuit boards were pretty new in 1960, but he..."


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Dynamic Organics Soil NutritionDYNAMIC ORGANICS Soil Nutrition
was first developed for use in pristine rose gardens as a superb, safe preference to toxic, petroleum-based chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. DYNAMIC ORGANICS Soil Nutrition has been proven to keep your roses healthier, abundantly blooming and disease free. The foliage will be shiny, dark green and lush. Why? Because it starts with the soil, where all gardening starts.

Click Here to learn more about designing your landscape with Landscape Vision software.Landscape Vision Garden Design Software Application is an easy to use garden / landscape design software application. Easy, informative and fun. You are five steps away from designing your dream garden / landscape with our landscape software.


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The latest in unique and innovative energy saving products.


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