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Fireflies have arrived! "I don't think I've ever met a person who didn't love the flickering, flashing, and glow of fireflies. Some folks have the good fortune to live..."

Fierfly Gardens of the Future

Video of actual
Firefly Magic®
Firefly Lights FIREFLIES
at night

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All about Fireflies
There are more than 2000 species of fireflies in the World and we've collected a wide variety of resources for kids and adults to learn more about these wonderful 'bugs'.
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"It started a long time ago with a very knowledgeable electronics shop teacher, Don Brockaway. Transistors and printed circuit boards were very new in 1960, but he..."
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Sparky the Firefly

Everyone who sees the
FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Lights think they're wonderful, so we wanted to have a mascot that was just as great. But even more, we wanted people to smile, and that's why our company mascot is
SPARKY the Firefly.





Welcome to the most unique product to come along in years . . .

If you love Fireflies, but they're not in your garden, don't worry. Now you can bring the magic of Fireflies into your backyard all year long with these amazing Patented Electronic Fireflies.

Amazing New Decorative Yard Lighting . . .

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As seen on Grounds for Improvement - DIY
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As seen on KNTV San Jose - 2/2009


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"Firefly Lights Accurately Recreate the
Look of Real Fireflies in Backyards and Homes"

Fireflies, also called Lightning Bugs, light up a magical evening and are truly 'Magical Fireflies'. Welcome! You've just discovered the amazing Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights that have been developed to accurately recreate the life-like flashing, flickering, and fading of Mother Nature's real fireflies in your yard or garden, all year long.

So special and realistic are these patented and award winning electronic firefly lights that they're used by Universities for conducting their firefly research. In addition, Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are used in theme parks, natural science museums, zoos, hotels, restaurants, on stage, and in movies to accurately replicate the look and feel of Mother Nature's real fireflies.

How accurate do the Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights duplicate Mother Nature's real fireflies? The Curator of Education at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro selected Firefly Magic® lights for their Bug Discovery Exhibit - Click Here to learn why they selected Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights.

Bill Gates using Firefly Magic Firefly Lights as he explains his vision of the world's energy future.

Bill Gates used Firefly Magic® 'Fireflies' on stage at the February 2010 TED event in Long Beach, CA as he unveiled his vision for the world's energy future. More

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design - More

I want to say thanks for such a great product. I have the solar powered 12 light model in my backyard and it is the best. I am originally from Illinois and lightning bugs are in my blood. I put the firefly lights in my hedges bordering one side of my yard and they look so real, let me share a story....

I have a friend, Greg Dziem, who has a master’s degree in entomology from Cornell University and, more importantly, we grew up together in Illinois and experienced a childhood together, many times catching lightning bugs on warm summer nights. Greg has been living in California for over 20 years. He is a smart guy, especially about bugs!

He was at my house the other evening and we were standing at the BBQ. Greg did not know that I had installed your firefly lights in my bushes. At dusk, my firefly lights started up and they look just like the lightning bugs coming out!

Greg, perfectly sober, ran to the bushes and caught one of the lights. He didn't say anything, just ran and did it. You should have seen the look on his face. He was pretty darn confused that he would chase a lightning bug, knowing there was no such thing here - but it just kicked in and he did it. We had a great laugh. Thanks!
Dave Guastaferri
Monrovia, CA

“Tiny Microchips bring Firefly Lights to Life . . .
Fireflies can't tell the difference!”

If a firefly can’t tell whether these amazing electronic firefly lights are fellow fireflies or not, think of how you’ll surprise your friends as they stare out at the flashing, flickering, and fading of these patented electronic Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights. Kid's love them, adults love them, and what fun they'll add to your next outdoor gathering. (See customer's letter to the right about how real fireflies are fooled)

What makes them so real? Thanks to sub-micron technology utilized in the latest tiny microcomputer chips, we can use sophisticated programs that process in mere milliseconds and exactly duplicate the flash, flicker, and fade of real fireflies in nature. Never before has so much precision been created in a simple to install, home outdoor lighting unit. Click Here to see video of Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights.


Highest Quality, Most Accurate, Best Customer Support,
and here are just a few of our customers who agree . . .

Can Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights Reduce Stress?

The designers at Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights started with stacks of research on Arthropoda: Insecta: Coleoptera: Lampyridae, the scientific name for Fireflies, or as some call them, Lightning bugs. The challenge came in converting the research into realistic looking electronic fireflies that have the same color, size, flicker, and flash as Mother Nature's own.

But after years of thought, design, development, and testing the results surpassed everyone's expectations. Some researchers spent hours just staring at the cute little firefly lights, swearing they were reducing their stress. We don't make that promise. But we do say that these firefly lights will be the hit of your party or gathering!

People have described FIRERFLY MAGIC® Firefly Lights with words such as. "Amazing", "Fascinating", "Mesmerizing", "Entertaining", They're Great", "Unbelievable", "Just Love'm", and "I can't believe my eyes".

What is a Firefly or Lightning Bug anyway?

During a visit to California one of our researchers spoke to a number of people at random, and the results were surprising. Many people had never heard of a firefly. While some said they knew about them, they confessed of never seeing real fireflies. However, many of them had seen the 'make believe' fireflies at Disneyland's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride. more

One of the true beauties of Nature, enough cannot be said about fireflies. Dancing along just above the blades of grass or in the bushes and trees, fireflies use their little bioluminescent lanterns to flash messages to each other on warm humid evenings.

Not really 'flies' at all, fireflies belong to the beetle family of insects, scientifically known as Arthropoda: Insecta: Coleoptera: Lampyridae: with 23 genera and over 200 species in North America alone. Worldwide it is estimated there are over 2000 species of these wonderful creatures, also known as lightning bugs.

In most cases, the flickering and flashing of fireflies is used to communicate between the male and female in preparation for mating. And, with so many different species, each one has its own distinctive flashing cycle rate that distinguishes it from members of the other species. In addition, different species of fireflies have different color flashes.

What are Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights?

Each Electronic Firefly in a set of Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights is located at the end of an individual, small diameter, sunlight-resistant, dark brown wire that is UL Approved and can be easily shaped, twisted, and attached to blend seamlessly into your landscaping. .

The Electronic Fireflies come in 7 or 14 Firefly light sets with different length wires to allow effective spacing of the fireflies. For maximum flexibility, there are three models of Firefly Magic® lights. Solar powered, 12 Volt transformer powered, and battery powered for non-permanent installations.

The "electronic brain" that makes FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Lights flash, flicker, and fade just like Mother Nature's real fireflies, is sealed in a UL listed waterproof case to ensure the microprocessor and electronics will last for many years. In addition, each tiny firefly light will last for more than 100,000 hours of operation - that's more than 25 years of firefly enjoyment by your family, friends, and guests! And of course, each FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Light set comes with a one (1) Year Limited Warranty.

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We listen and effectively respond to your needs. We are experts in the design, manufacture, and installation of specialty low voltage lighting systems, including full digital integration. In business since 1979, we are able to translate our client's needs and desires into performance solutions that work reliably, look great, and are cost effective.

We have the ability to design and install permanent decorative lighting systems as well as temporary systems for one-time or short-term events in which we will supply all the materials.

We're always happy to review standard commercial and residential systems, as well as discuss how to effectively bring custom designs to fruition, on time and within budget.

"Creating Magical Memories . . . "

"Sparky" Apparel & Accessories!

"How do your Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights compare to the ones I saw in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride at Disneyland?"

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Fireflies in a mayonnaise jar

Catching Fireflies in a mayonnaise jar has always been a favorite of children on a warm Summer's evening.

Firefly Magic® is a Registered Trademark of the Spartus Technology LLC

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Firefly Magic firefly lights are so realistic, they even fool other fireflies!"
Sara M. Lewis, Professor of Biology
Head of Firefly Research
Tufts University
Medford, Massachusetts

"I just wanted to say how much I love my fireflies. I bought a cluster of seven firelies and then called back and ordered another cluster of seven. They are on my sixth floor balcony wrapped into my Japanese Maple tree. We love to sit out on the balcony in the dark and watch the fireflies dance all over the tree.

Thanks for such a wonderful product!"
K. Holzmuller
Burien, WA

"Firefly Magic is just that ... Magic. They have consistently been the highlight of every party we have had in our backyard. As great as their product is, it is surpassed by their customer service."
Dr. Tom Wright
Houston, TX

"This has been a fantastic buying experience. I'm absolutely delighted in the quality of your product and exceptional service you provide your customers. You can bet I'll be sending every admirer of my new fireflies to your website."
M. Springer
Canyon Country, CA


After hooking up the Firefly Magic Firefly’s in a Hawaiian Fern in our yard, it was about a week later that I was watching the kids…looking and pointing as the magic flashed and flickered in the breezy evening.

I noticed that one of the younger girls was trying to catch one with a plastic container from one of the lower branches as it swayed, waiting for that moment of flash.

The moment came, and she caught it, she paused for a brief moment, and then came running to me as fast as she could, saying…” Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe, come, come quick one of the firefly’s is stuck on a wire”

P.S. ‘’Only in a child’s eye…
do we stay young.’’

With warmest Aloha
“ Uncle Joe”

"I ordered your product a while back and it still works great after more than a year, even in the extreme heat and moisture of the harsh, Florida climate. I LOVE your product. It adds so much charm, mystery and atmosphere to our yard. We plan on ordering more soon.

We're a radio station that plays Jazz music from the 1920s and 30s, I'm certain that many of our US and international listeners would be interested in purchasing your fun product, and I'd be happy to recommend it to them as a "green fairy" related product.

Wally Stephens
Absinthe Radio

The Greatest Hits of the 20s & 30s

Message received by our Custom Support department:
I received the Firefly lights yesterday. I want to thank you for your great customer service. You were awesome!!!

I also want to thank you for getting these lights to me by this weekend so I can set them up for my party next week. You and Firefly Magic are one of the best companies I had the privilege of working with. Once my friends see these lights next week, do not be surprised with a bunch of orders coming in at the same time. :-) Once I figure out the rest of my garden, I will be ordering more for myself.

Thank you again for being a great customer support. It's rare these days.

Stacey Alourdas
Woodland Hills, CA

Wow!! I put up the lights around some vegetation by my pool and it is simply fantastic! I spent an hour just staring at them--they are exactly like the real ones!!! Man, if I had a big way to show these little things off I can't imagine anyone with any type of landscaping wouldn't buy them -- they look just like the fireflies I always see when I travel to the Amazon or Uganda, since we don't have them in California. These, with the true colors of fireflies, are even better than the ones in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!!!! I'm just thrilled!!! :-)
Jim Trimingham
Sacramento, CA

"I bought a set of (Firefly Magic) firefly lights and installed them for last night's patio party. They were a total hit. They fooled several guests who grew up in the mid-west, and honestly thought I had imported real fireflies into my garden. I only wish I had ordered 4 or 5 more sets because I could have sold them all in a heartbeat. Thanks for selling such a unique and fun product."
Bob Sordahl
Kenmore, WA

"I border a bog area so I mounted the (Firefly Magic) solar 'lamp' on a tall pole, so it would receive sunlight as the cattails grow. I then strung the (Firefly) lights and clipped them to the growing cattails so they could keep moving up and not be blocked by new growth. Well, last night, I had a very pleasant surprise. As I sat on the deck, watching the lights in the bog, I was amazed by the numbers.

As it turned out, the (Firefly Magic) Firefly lights had attracted many real fireflies. It was the most amazing sight. We have always had fireflies, but never in these numbers. Each night I plant myself on the deck to watch the dance that goes on. I am so amazed that the lights have attracted so many real fireflies.

Just wanted to pass this on. Thanks for making such an innovative and quality product."
Marge Anderson,
Grey Eagle, MN

Thanks again for offering such an awesome product!!! You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get on them (Firefly Magic Firefly Lights).
Alissa Thompson
Filmore, CA
Cabin Project

"Thanks for the rapid reply. Your product is great and I am sure that my buddy will love them. The way you guys deal with matters and people is nothing short of professional. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and will recommend your product to everyone I meet. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Shawn and Laura Muir
Chilliwack, BC

"I just installed my first set. Wow!
My two girls tried to catch the Fireflies... (and) my wife and I thought it was very humorous. I have told several individuals about your product and you should see additional demand."
Loren Shumate
Wilmette, Illinois

"The fireflies arrived today. It took a sweet while to get here but the wait was definitely worth it ! (These Firefly Magic Firefly Lights were shipped to The Hague, Netherlands and had to go through international customs which took a little longer than we all expected.)

I took them out of the box right away to see what it would look like in a darkened room. Absolutely astonishing !! Though there's really only twelve fireflies, it looks like there are many more...

And then the way they flash, flicker and fade just like the real thing, awesome !

Your fireflies really make me feel like like I'm back home in the States. You really accomplished a carbon copy of nature ! Congrats and thanks a million."
Frank Visser
The Hague, Zuid Holland

"Firefly Magic Lights are indeed 100% accurate! ...or as Mary Poppins would say,'They're supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' and practically perfect in every way.

I've tried the other firefly light sets with little fans attached but those are really cumbersome. Firefly Magic Lights are so well made they surpass any others on the market. And the 3-AA battery version is absolutely brilliant and easy to use!

Thank you so much for making Firefly Magic Lights available to regular consumers. I'll definitely be back later to buy a third and fourth set. Not to mention spreading the word to all the Disneyland fans on the many online message boards!"
Bruce Smith
Gresham, OR

"The color is perfect!"
Sherrie Schmitt
East Lansing, MI

"When my guests go into the backyard they're shocked when they see fireflies right here in the San Fernando Valley! Thanks for adding so much fun to my partieswith your FireflyLights."
Sean Taylor
Chatsworth, CA


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