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MFJK - 'Magical Fireflies® in a Jar' KIT

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Model MFJK - 'Fireflies in a Jar' Kit

The MFJK Firefly Magic™ Firefly Lights Kit is designed to create an artificial firefly microenvironment, in a canning, canister, mayonnaise jar, or other similar container. The FMJ unit is very delicate and care should be taken not to excessively bend or twist the microwires.

1) Your battery powered Firefly Magic™ Firefly Lights Kit uses 2 AA batteries (not included). First be sure the black slide switch on the front of the battery case is in the OFF position. To install new batteries, remove the small screw that locks the back slide-off door to the battery compartment. Carefully slide the door off the battery holder.

2) Insert new AA batteries into the battery holder being sure to place the batteries in with the correct polarity (positive to + and negative to -)

3) Slide the door back onto the battery holder and reinstall the screw.

4) To turn the lights on, slide the ON-OFF switch to the ON position and all the 'fireflies' should light for approximately 2-3 seconds then flicker off. This indicates the Firefly Magic™ Firefly Lights are working correctly and their random flash, flicker, and fade cycles have begun. NOTE: If any of the fireflies remain on for more than 5 seconds, press the red reset button for approximately 1 second and release. All the firefly lights should now flash on, flicker and fade off which means the program is working correctly - repeat if necessary.

Placing Your Firefly Magic™ Fireflies in a Jar

5. Included with your unit is a small piece of Velcro® that can be used to attach the battery holder to the lid of your Firefly Jar. NOTE: The Velcro® should be used on the back sliding door of the battery case, not on the front side where the switch is located.

6. Each individual 'firefly' is attached to the microprocessor located within the battery compartment by very delicate microwires. These wires become almost invisible inside a jar at night. However, care must be taken during handling, moving, and placing, as they are very delicate, especially where they attach to the individual 'firefly' light. If desired, touch-up paint can be used on the wires to replace any black that has flaked off, or to change their color.

7. Aim each 'firefly' light approximately 90º from where people will be viewing. This ensures the firefly does not appear to be too bright by looking directly into the end (tip) of the light. However, if your firefly lights are farther away, or you just prefer them to be brighter, then aim the tip of the firefly light toward the viewers. See diagram below:

8. After many hours of operation, the firefly lights may begin to get dim, when this happens just replace the 2 - AA batteries. NOTE: Never leave weak or dead batteries in the battery holder, as they will leak acid and ruin the device. This type of damage is not covered under warranty, so always remove batteries when storing the unit.

Other Firefly Magic™ Light Sets

Firefly Magic™ Lights are available in three (3) Models: FMS - Solar powered, FMB - Battery powered for temporary and semi-permanent installations, and FMT - 12 Volt Landscape Lighting transformer powered. Each of these models can be ordered with either seven (7) electronic fireflies or twelve (12) electronic fireflies. For more information, visit our Website at www.FireflyMagic.com.


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