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Battery Powered FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Lights Installation Guide

The FMB Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are for temporary or semi-permanent installations where no 12-Volt AC Landscape lighting transformer is available and the use of solar power is not feasible or desired.

Party planners, caterers, commercial establishments, and homeowners frequently utilize the portable FMB Model units to create a temporary setting in which the display of flashing, flickering, and fading fireflies adds to the enjoyment of a party or event. The FMB model units may be used both indoors or outdoors.

? Your battery powered Model FMB Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are delivered with 3 new AA Alkaline batteries in the battery compartment. To turn the Firefly Lights ON, simply twist and slip the rubber end cap off the battery/microprocessor unit and slide out the battery holder. Two batteries are already installed so just insert the third battery into the holder being sure the (-) negative end of the battery is toward the spring. When the battery is inserted, all the 'fireflies' should light for approximately 2-3 seconds then flicker off. This indicates the Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are working correctly and their random flash, flicker, and fade cycles have begun.

NOTE: If any of the Fireflies remain constantly ON for more than 5 seconds, remove the battery and reinstall again until all the Firefly Lights flash on, flicker and fade off. Selecting the Location for Your Firefly Magic® Firefly Fireflies.

1. After deciding where you want to install the Firefly Magic electronic fireflies select a central location for the microprocessor and run each firefly wire out from the unit. Depending on your environment, run the firefly wires across the ground, up branches and out the stems of plants to reduce their visibility; or, along structural members such as a gazebo. Be sure each firefly light sticks out slightly so leaves do not cover it. NOTE: If the firefly light is placed near the end of a flexible stem or branch, any slight breeze will cause the firefly light to move, creating the added effect of fireflies dancing in the night.

2. Aim each firefly light approximately 90º from where people will be viewing. This ensures the firefly does not appear to be too bright by looking directly into the end of the light. However, if your firefly lights are farther away, or you just prefer them to be brighter, then aim the tip of the firefly light toward the viewers. See diagram below:

3. Your battery powered Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights use very little power so they are designed to run continuously.

4. As the firefly lights begin to get dim after a few weeks of operation, just replace the 3 - AA Alkaline batteries.

NOTE: When new batteries are inserted, all the 'fireflies' will light for 2-3 seconds then flicker off. This indicates the Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are working correctly and their random flash, flicker, and fade cycles have begun.

Other Firefly Magic® Firefly Light Sets

Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are available in four (4) Models: FMS - Solar powered, FMB - Battery powered for temporary and semi-permanent installations, and FMT - 12 Volt Landscape Lighting transformer powered, and FMI - 110 Volt Powered for Dry Indoor installations. Each of these models can be ordered with either seven (7) electronic fireflies or twelve (12) electronic fireflies. For more information, visit our Website at www.FireflyMagic.com.


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