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Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean

Creating Magical Memories . . .

Since its opening, Pirates of the Caribbean has always been among the five top rated Disneyland attractions. The Pirates of the Caribbean features 55 animal and 64 human type Audio-Animatronic figures. Taking more than ten years to develop, the attraction opened in the Spring of 1967. Many returning visitors continue to rate it highly for a number of of reasons. On a hot day at Disneyland it's a great get way to cool off as you float along in a flat-bottom boat through the eternal night of the Blue Bayou, soon to receive the message that "Dead men tell no tales". With a sudden drop you plunge downward into a dark sanctum of past times where prates roamed the seas and terrorized Caribbean island inhabitants.

Past skeletons and a drifting ghost ship, you are thrown into the middle of a coastal battle with canons roaring and shots landing all about your boat. Everywhere you look pirates are sacking the town, while the mayor is dunked in the town's water well, and the local women are auctioned to the pirate with the highest bid. After sacking the town, it's put to the torch, and you escape up a waterfall before some drunken pirates blow everything to smithereens in the powder locker.

Perhaps most memorable to many Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean visitors are the bayou fireflies you can watch while waiting to board the ride. For many, their visit to Pirates of the Caribbean will be the first introduction to fireflies, also know as lightning bugs. However, the Disney fireflies are fairly basic in terms of their likeness to real fireflies. FACT: The famous little Disney 'fireflies' are exclusive in the California and Tokyo Pirates of the Caribbean attractions only.

Recently, new high-tech microprocessor electronics has allowed the development of extremely accurate artificial fireflies, so close to Mother Nature's real ones that most people can't tell the difference. With unique patented Flash, Flicker, and Fade technology, these new electronic fireflies are truly amazing. To learn more about Firefly Magic™ Firefly Lights, just click this link: FIREFLY LIGHTS.

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